Picture of Marta Gómez

Marta Gómez

Cadiz, Spain

Marta Gómez is an industrial design engineer and has a Certificate of Higher Education in Building Construction. While studying her last year at the University of Cadiz, she moved to Barcelona, where she worked at Francesc Rifé Studio, thereby obtaining an insight of the culture of design. In the meantime, she continued developing her own projects. She was the finalist of the “1st Best Andalusian Inter-University Design of the Year”, winner of the third prize of the Roca One Day Design Challenge Barcelona 2019, and short-listed for the Dutch Design Week 2020. Her interests range from interactive product, furniture and even graphic design, searching for creative solutions for our everyday existence. Driven by her love of architecture, industrial design has shown her how to improve life with small actions reflected in great products.


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