Picture of Hannah Berryhill and Shea Trahan

Hannah Berryhill and Shea Trahan

New Orleans, LA, US

Hannah Berryhill is an architectural designer at Trapolin-Peer Architects who uses research and design to create environments that focus on the human experience. While in graduate school, she completed a travel fellowship in Chile that tested the use of poetry as a tool to study the multisensory experience of architecture.

Shea Trahan is a licensed architect and holds a leadership position in the New Orleans based firm of Trapolin-Peer Architects. He has authored a body of research into Resonant Form, an investigation into the intersection of architecture, sound, and the search for enlightenment. Building from an initial conception as a meditation chamber specifically designed for chanting, the project incorporates investigations into form, acoustics, physics, neurology, material systems, physiology, and mysticism.


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