Picture of Javier  Serrano Guerra

Javier Serrano Guerra

Madrid, Spain

Javier Serrano Guerra graduated in Architecture from ETSAG then specialised in Landscape Architecture at IUAV in Venice. He is the co-founder of Boa Mistura, which was established in Madrid at the end of 2001 and is comprised of a multidisciplinary team with roots in graffiti. Javier mainly works on public spaces, where he and the rest of the team have designed projects around the world. The term Boa Mistura is Portuguese for ‘Good Mixture’ and refers to the diversity of academic training and perspectives among its four members: Juan Jaume Fernández and Pablo Ferreiro Mederos have degrees in Fine Arts from Complutense University in Madrid while Pablo Purón Carrillo is an illustrator with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the URJC in Madrid.


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