Picture of Tania Martínez-Cruz

Tania Martínez-Cruz

Tamazulápam Mixe, Oaxaca, Mexico

Tania Martínez-Cruz is an Ayuujk native woman and a postdoctoral researcher in nutrition and public health at the University of Greenwich in the UK. Her work has a multidisciplinary scope and she has spent more than 14 years collaborating with international organizations in health engineering, biofuels, irrigation, information technologies, social inclusiveness, climate action, nutrition and food security. She is also a social activist that promotes the role of indigenous knowledge to solve global challenges and supports educational initiatives that seek the social inclusiveness of minority groups, especially indigenous women in STEM studies. She has been appointed the Municipal Secretary for Women of her village in 2020, a position that her people conferred upon her by exercising their right to self-determination and forms of self-government.

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