Book: Disruption by Design

Paul Paetz offers an insight on how to create products that are able to disrupt and then dominate the market

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Considering that market disruption is a discipline that can be learned as a guiding principle, the book Disruption by Design (Apress, 2014), written by Paul Paetz, offers a manual for product developers, entrepreneurs, executives and innovative people, which describes how to create a products, a service and disruptive companies, with the potential of changing the foundations of competitiveness to dominate the market in the long-term. To do so, he analyzes the keys of different success stories as well as the reasons that led other case studies to failure. This way he threshes the bases to implement products which are able to change the rules of the game in the market.

Main image: Author Paul Paetz describes how to create a product, a service and disruptive companies with the potential of dominating the market in the long-term.

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