Book: Situaciones Urbanas / Santi Cirugeda

In his book, Santiago Cirugeda outlines 14 subversive strategies to reprogram cities and transform the role of the architect

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This atypical architect from Seville made a name for himself practicing architecture that navigates between political activism and art. Over the past fifteen years, he has developed his work through meticulous observation and analysis of the city, identifying its needs and filling in the gaps wherever he finds them. His instant and portable architecture is a display of creativity that proposes new models for a new society, seeing architecture as a discipline that should improve the social condition, and citizens as active decision-makers of their built environment. From reinventing approaches to housing and museums to universities and public space, Santiago Cirugeda explains and analyses how he has been able to challenge the status quo of the modern metropolis by inventing proposals for a more liveable city.


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