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Architectural theorist, Beatriz Colomina, explores the relationship between medicine and architecture

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Architect Beatriz Colomina deals with the associations between modern architecture and the human body in her latest book 'X-Ray Architecture'

Architectural discourse has always been associated with the human body. Now architect Beatriz Colomina clarifies that it’s to do with the body conceived from a medical point of view. In her latest book X-Ray Architecture, the author explores the impact that medicine and imaging technologies, such as X-ray, have had on the conception, representation and perception of modern architecture.

According to Colomina, if we want to understand modern architecture, we should first look to the dominant medical obsession of its time, as well as the technologies used to scan the human body, and how these have transformed the way we conceive public and private spaces.

Beatriz Colomina is an architectural theorist, historian, curator and professor at the Princeton University School of Architecture. One of her research focuses are sexual fantasies in association with architecture.

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