Elly Ward & Joe Morris

A talk about less meat now for a better future

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Elly Ward is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary designer, researcher and lecturer who has worked in the fields of architecture, interiors, exhibition, art installation and product design. She was described by the RIBA Journal as one of the “most interesting emerging talent in architecture today”.

Elly has designed and produced installations and public art projects in London and Los Angeles.

Joe Morris is an architect spearheading Morris+Company across two studios, one in the creative district of London’s Shoreditch, the other in Copenhagen. In a career spanning 25 years of professional practice which has achieved widespread international recognition, Joe has increasingly advocated a sense of urgency for fair and transparent practice, inclusivity and equality, through open dialogue and critical debate, whilst encouraging the broader company to take ownership of projects and develop their own careers and interests.

Beyond practice, Elly Ward and Joe have been collaboratively exploring the evolution of a self seeded and self initiated programme exploring the confluence of diet, agriculture, architecture and creative output through SITE, a project conceived by Elly in 2018 and housed in a venue carved out of nineteenth century terraced building in Hackney, East London.

Architects are obsessed with materiality without any consequences

SITE Restaurant. Photo © Joe Morris

Elly and Joe reflect in this conversation about how veganism has shaped their way of working and conceiving the different projects, and that it has turned each idea into a challenge. Now they are more aware of the materials they use, always thinking about their origin and the consequences that they can generate.



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