Film: The March of the White Elephants

A documentary on the real impact of FIFA World Cup development on host communities

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The documentary film ‘The March of the White Elephants’ addresses the controversy surrounding 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and its negative impacts on favela communities. It debunks the conventional wisdom that staging a World Cup delivers sustainable benefits to the population of the host country and reveals its real legacy – state of the art stadiums that were built to stage a four-week tournament will stand idle for decades to come, soaking up funds needed for health, housing and education. Through the camera lens of Patrick Granja, a journalist from Rio who navigates the complex socio-political context, we see how one year later, at least four new stadiums have, as predicted, become “white elephants”, foreshadowing a pattern that will repeat itself in future host countries.


The March of the White Elephants

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