Freightened, the Real Price of Shipping

A documentary that reveasl the environmental and human cost of marine transport; an important and unknown industry.

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From a pair of shoes to the latest mobile device, 90% of the products we consume in the West have been manufactured thousands of kilometers away and then shipped to us. The shipping industry, central to the global economy, moves millions of dollars and yet, at the same time, it is practically unknown to most people.

The award-winning director Denis Delestrac sheds light on the subject in Freightened: The Real Price of Shipping. In this documentary, Delestrac sets out to reveal who controls the shipping business, how the industry affects the environment, to what extent the magnates of the sector control our politicians, and what conditions sailors work and live in on those long journeys. It presents in-depth research into the different aspects that make up this powerful and unexplored industry.

The film is available on Filmin and the DVD can be purchased on the website of the production company, Polar Star Films.

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