Kerem Erginoğlu & Hasan Çalışlar

Talk about consensus without compromise

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Kerem Erginoğlu and Hasan Çalışlar are founders of Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architects, an Istanbul based and independent firm of architects founded in 1993.

The firm specialises in urban planning, architecture, and interior design projects together with providing assistance for planning applications.

Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architects have won many prizes and awards for their innovative projects. These include; “The New&Old Award” for the “Salt Repository-Medina Turgul DDB Head Quarters” in the World Architecture Festival 2010” or “The Building Award” for the “Turkcell Teknoloji Research and Development Building” in the National Architecture Awards of 2010.

If society is changing, everything is changing, and school architecture keeps the same, we have a problem with that.

New Campus Tarsus American College (TAC)

The evolution of office buildings, educational buildings and changes in post Covid society are some of the topics discussed in this interview.



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