Madrid Celebrates the fourth edition of Open House

This year’s focus is the future of cities

  • 26/09/18
  • Updated Inspiration

Open House is a festival of architecture and design held in more than 30 cities around the world. From 29-30 September 2018 in Madrid, over 100 buildings, work spaces, homes and studios that are generally private will open their doors and allow the public to explore their inner beauty. The weekend’s activities will include films on architecture, exhibitions highlighting female architects, and many creative installations and conferences.

Along side this programme, the auditorium at CentroCentro (Plaza Cibeles 1) will host a new edition of Cities – What’s next?; a conference where architects – including the esteemed architect Dominique Perrault – together with urban planners, philosophers, anthropologists and sociologists explore the future of cities.

The festival will also feature a display of projects by renowned architect Fernando Higueras, including Casa Lucio Muñoz and Casa Villaseñor, among others.

Madrid Celebrates the fourth edition of Open House

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