Mextrópoli 2019 Focuses on the Edges of the City

Guests at the Festival of Architecture and Design will include architects such as Alejandro Aravena, David Chipperfield and Dominique Perrault

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From March 9-12, the 6th edition MEXTRÓPOLI Festival of Architecture and Design will take place in Mexico City, focusing on Mexican architecture and the city as an open territory whose edges are continually being redefined.

The festival encompasses more than 100 activities, and guests include Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena, Pritzker Prize 2016; the British architect David Chipperfield, responsible for the design of the Jumex Museum in Mexico City; the Mexican designer Carla Fernández; and the French architect Dominique Perrault. In addition to lectures, MEXTRÓPOLI will also organize seven architecture exhibitions in different venues across Mexico City: they will include shows by the architects David Chipperfield, Dominique Perrault, João Carrillo de la Graça, Manuel Cervantes, and the Mexican architecture studio MMX, as well as the photography exhibition Miradas latinoamericanas [Latin American Perspectives]. Like every year, MEXTRÓPOLI will also offer tours, workshops, round table discussions, film screenings and more than 20 public space installations.

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