Nicanor García

A talk about architecture photography

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Nicanor García is a photographer specialized in architecture and travel.

In his photographs, the spaces are carefully framed, taking into account their materiality, scale and geometry, sometimes reinforced by human presence. It takes advantage of the light to define each of its images almost graphically, which gives each photograph its own identity beyond the space or architecture they represent.

NicanorGarcía_ ©_BayerischeStaatsbibliothek
NicanorGarcía_ ©_BayerischeStaatsbibliothek

Through this conversation, we learn how he went from being an architect to working as a photographer specialized in architecture and the role that Instagram played in this process of change. His past as an architect gives him a close and deep vision of architecture and the city, allowing him a unique approach in his current work as a photographer.

 In each image I seek a balanced framing through perspective, internal relationships, scale and light.

 What are the keys of a good architecture photo? What’s the most difficult thing to capture? How many pictures he discards before having the good one? Nicanor answers this and other questions while he shares ideas, tricks and tips to bring us together to architecture photography.


Talk in Spanish

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