Outer Space 2019 Competition

Seeking architecture and design proposals that envision the future of space exploration

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The space race is evolving, and evolving fast. Aware of the need to promote creativity and innovation in this sphere, the architecture platforms Blank Space, ArchDaily, Archinect and Bustler have teamed up to launch the Outer Space competition.

The competition is seeking proposals that envision space exploration in the near future (100-200 years). What kind of structures will we use to get around? What will our houses and buildings look like? How will robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous spacecraft and satellites contribute to this expansion?

As a point of departure, the entries must leverage real scientific advances. The aim is to demonstrate that design is not an afterthought, but rather that it can be a great catalyst for envisioning our collective future. The judging panel will feature some of the most outstanding astronauts, scientists and academics in the space field.

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