Parley – a platform that aims to save the oceans

Professionals from distinct disiplines collaborate in all sorts of projects.

Cyrill Gutsch is a multi-award-winning designer and brand developer who, in 2012, decided to put all his energy into one of his main concerns: the health of the oceans. With the intent of improving this situation, Gust created Parley, a platform for collaboration between architects, designers, computer programmers, artists, film makers, scientists, etc., where they could support each other in the implementation of a broad range of initiatives to contribute to eliminating plastic waste and protecting the largest possible number of marine species.

Over six years, many interesting and diverse projects have been created. Parley has put together an international network of volunteers who clean plastic off the coasts in different countries all over the world, but he has also collaborated with Adidas in designing sports equipment made with plastic materials recovered from the sea and on a scientific expedition through the northern Pacific. He also pairs with different artists whose work is aimed at raising awareness about the magnitude of the problem. Visiting the platform’s website gives an idea of the scope of the work they do.

Parley – a platform that aims to save the oceans

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