“Push”, a documentary beyond gentrification

It reflects the causes and effects of real estate speculation in cities

“Push”, the award-winning documentary by Fredik Gertten, showcases the factors that hinder the access to housing to most of the population, especially in large cities.

The director takes us on a journey through the schemes surrounding urban and real estate speculation along with Leilani Farha, UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing, who will try to discover who is behind the price increase of apartments and what the reason for this increase is.

The documentary addresses the problem from the political, sociological and economic point of view, by talking with representatives of these fields such as Ada Colau, Saskia Sassen or Roberto Saviano.

Although it is a complicated topic, Gertten manages to tackle it in a simple and human manner, adding also a touch of humor.

“Push”, a documentary beyond gentrification

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