Rethinking Urban Mobility

The MOVE event responds to the need for more efficient and sustainable transport models

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Cities continue to grow and, with them, so does traffic. This worsens air quality and residents’ living conditions in general. Faced with this reality, on 12 and 13 February the first edition of the MOVE event will be held in London, with the aim of rethinking how we move in order to make it more efficient and sustainable.

As the organizers argue on their website, MOVE intends to become the world’s most important urban mobility event. It encompasses a conference and an exhibition, with a focus on nine issues that pertain to urban movement:  auto futures; autonomous vehicles; business models; cycling and active mobility; energy and charging; infrastructure and connectivity, smart cities; tech, data and innovation; and urban supply chain.

From mobile applications intended to improve urban mobility to the latest models in electric and autonomous vehicles or programmes to implement bicycle sharing in cities, MOVE is the ideal event for designing the future of transport, where visionary minds will be combined with disruptive technology to rethink the transport of the future.

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