Talk on Solar-Powered Design

Award-winning solar designer Marjan van Aubel shares her vision on turning everyday objects into solar cells

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Marjan van Aubel is a Dutch award-winning solar designer whose creative practice spans the fields of sustainability, design and technology.

In this Women’s TED Talk she shares her vision on redefining our current relationship with solar technology and finding ways of accelerating its transition to ubiquity. This is what has driven van Aubel’s work as a designer through the integration of solar cells in everyday objects. A table is no longer just a piece of furniture but also a producer or electricity.

Based upon the fact that the Sun delivers more energy to the Earth in an hour than all of humanity is capable of using in a year, she poses the question of ‘how can this power be made more accessible to everyone, everywhere?’. The solution she suggests is to turn every surface possible into a solar power station and, in this way, to promote extreme energy efficiency through intelligent design.

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