TEDx Talk | How kids can help design cities

Urban planner Mara Mintzer advocates for the inclusion of children in participatory planning

Conference Mara Mintzer TEDx Talk

Mara Mintzer is a co-founder and current program director of Growing Up Boulder (GUB), Boulder’s child- and youth-friendly city initiative, based out of the University of Colorado Boulder’s Community Engagement Design and Research (CEDaR) Center. In her TED talk, she points out the importance of kids design beyond their role as “future citizens”. Children make up a quarter of the population, so shouldn’t they have a say in what the world they’ll inherit will look like? Mintzer shares her experience asking kids to help design a park in Boulder, Colorado — and how it revealed an important blind spot in how we construct the built environment. “If we aren’t including children in our planning, who else aren’t we including?”

TEDx Talk | How kids can help design cities

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