The benefits of collaborative housing, compiled in a documentary

"The best of both worlds, cohousing’s promise" explores the life of residents in various cohousing communities in California

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The filmmaker John de Graaf is the creator of the documentary The best of both worlds, cohousing’s promisewhich aims to introduce viewers to cohousing and its benefits. In this piece, Graaf draws upon the experience of the architect Chuck Durrettwho coined the term “cohousing” in the late 1980s and who has designed more than 50 communities with this kind of accommodation.  

The film delves into various collaborative housing communities in the south of the United States, including communities for the elderly. Senior cohousing is a co-living option in which its members actively participate in the design and self-management of the building where they live, and it is increasingly common both in the United States and in Europe.  


«The best of both worlds, cohousing’s promise»

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