‘The Data and Life of Great Future Cities’; a new exhibition at Roca Gallery London

On until January 26th 2019

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The starting point of the exhibition is the book The Death and Life of Great American Cities, by the American writer, urbanist and activist Jane Jacobs (1916 – 2006).  In the work, the author identifies four essential conditions for good city planning, which she calls ‘the four generators of diversity’. Although her theories were very controversial at the time of publication (1961) and she was criticized for not putting forward enough evidence, recently a group of researchers, led by Marco De Nadal from the University of Trento, have corroborated with new data that prove the Jacobs theories to be very accurate. In fact, De Nadal has managed to develop a faster and cheaper way to collect data and carry out studies of citizens’ habits.

His work is just one of the examples shown in this exhibition, which discusses how big data can contribute to the better urbanization of cities. Also exhibited at this exhibition at Roca Gallery London are two projects from MIT’s Senseable City Lab (directed by Carlo Ratti): Friendly Cities and Treepedia.

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