The Forest Green Rovers, the soccer club with the most sustainable architecture in the world

One of the 15 winning projects from 2018 for the UN’s Momentum for Change award

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The fact that sustainability can be pursued in practically any field has been demonstrated by the Forest Green Rovers, a soccer club from the county of Gloucestershire, in southwestern England, which was awarded a Momentum for Change climate action award by the UN this year.

A football pitch can have a serious environmental impact. Keeping the grass in good condition requires high water and energy consumption: not only does it need regular watering, you also have to prevent it from freezing at low temperatures and sometimes enhance its growth artificially. Moreover, stadium lighting, large video screens, or the markers used during matches require a lot of energy. The Forest Green Rovers have sought out sustainable mechanisms to meet those needs: solar panels, water recycling systems and electric lawn mowers. The grass is also organic: in other words, it is free from pesticides and herbicides. Since another important source of emissions are spectators who travel to the games, electric car-charging stations have been installed. Finally, the team implemented a vegan menu for its players.

All these measures help the Forest Green Rovers have zero impact on the environment, but the club’s philosophy also serves to increase environmental awareness among its fans and, ultimately, to show that sustainability in sport is possible.

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