Cecilia Guillot

Monterrey, Mexico

Cecilia Guillot is currently a last year architecture student at the University of Monterrey-UDEM where she has participated in projects such as Bicho VIII-Nuerama, which obtained an Honorable Mention in the Architecture Biennale of Nuevo León in 2017. In 2020 she was an exchange student at the UIC-Barcelona. She has been involved for 13 years in the visual arts, participating in eight collective exhibits in Monterrey. Since 2018 she is a junior partner at nodolab, participating in projects such as Shenzehen City in China that received 2nd place in the Shenzhen Competition. She is also in charge of the legal and administrative secretariat of the Radical School and responsible for the coordination of territorial management for the town hall of San Felipe del Progreso, Mexico.