Miguel Antunes Pinto


Born in 1974, Miguel Antunes Pinto became an architect in 1998. He began to specialize as a full-time lab planner based on experience from 2003 onwards, always focusing on architecture. Since then, he has carried out more than 60 projects specialized in science buildings, from laboratories to pharmaceutical factories, animal facilities or healthcare. He owns a certification course from the Harvard School of Public Health on Laboratory Design, Health and Safety. As a member of EGNATON –European Association for Sustainable Laboratories–, he acts as delegate and participates actively in Workgroup 2 with fellow lab planners, architects and engineers. He’s a regular national and international speaker in lab planning events, such as the International Lab Design Conference, Lab Space Design Russia or Research Building Summit. He annually takes part in exhibitions and events specializing in this area of expertise, eager to acquire extra knowledge and training.