Nu collection. The new faucets designed by Inma Bermudez for Roca

The details found in each of these faucets reflect the uniqueness of this collection.

The Nu collection represents a purity of visual expression and a synthesis of essential design elements: form, shape and colour. Nu, the French word for nude, reveals a collection that strips away the artifice to arrive at the essence of its timeless design. The collection features three different handles – Pin, Dome and Stripes – that are “dyed” in six glossy colours inspired by Roca’s Mediterranean DNA; green, blue, yellow, black, white and chrome.

Nu presents a world of possibilities in different forms and finishes, offering unfettered creativity with multiple solutions to personalise the bathroom space.

These streamlined and “sculpted” faucets embrace colour and versatility as inherent design elements. With its 35 millimetre body diameter, Roca’s thinnest to date, Nu blends ingenuity, sustainability and quality in an exciting new collection. Pin, Stripes and Dome are stylistic objects that mix beauty and inspiration with functionality and simplicity. Here, form not only follows function but reinvents it. Rounded shapes are the leitmotif of Nu and the starting point for its original design. The Dome model embraces its rounded architectural form. It is inviting and unexpected, a soft-edged shape that is at once organic and strong. Based on the grooved knobs on old stereos, Stripes is like an architectural piece in that it combines the simplicity of its cylindrical form with the more decorative touch of its ribbed and textured surface. Pin’s thin, elongated handle gives it a slightly bird-like form. Strong and stable, elegant and ready to take flight. The details found in each of these faucets reflects the uniqueness of this collection. The red and blue dots that indicate cold and hot are discreetly placed under the handles so that when the tap is turned on, the design creates a smiling face, a bit like that of a little English Guardsmen with a top hat and raised sword. This subtle detail adds an element of play into the everyday routine, establishing a connection with the user and stimulating the imagination.

Studio Inma Bermúdez

Inma Bermúdez (Spain, 1977) and Moritz Krefter (Germany, 1978) are the two faces, concave and convex, of the studio that has designed the “Nu” collection. “Moritz is the millimetre, the perfection, the technique,” she says. “Inma is the forms, the language, the concept”, he replies. With a studio and home in Valencia, they have been working for companies around the world since 2007, creating emotional objects that do not lose sight of their function. Their projects mix German essence and Mediterranean light, humour, irony, simplicity and respect for the environment. Their commitment to sustainability dictates the future and increasingly the present, which they imagine is respectful of materials, products and processes.