Andrea Trimarchi

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Andrea Trimarchi founded Formafantasma in 2009, together with Simone Farresin.
Since then they have championed the need for value-laden advocacy merged with holistic design thinking. Their aim is to facilitate a deeper understanding of both our natural and built environments and to propose transformative interventions through design and its material, technical, social, and discursive possibilities. The practice embraces a broad spectrum of typologies and methods, from product design through spatial design, strategic planning and design consultancy. As a result, Formafantasma's portfolio is characterized by a coherent visual language and meticulously researched outcomes. This crossflow of knowledge and experience taken from both their commercial contracts and their more autonomous projects has benefitted and informed the respective other. It has also given them a unique perspective of the design industry, allowing them to acknowledge the legacy of industrial production as the fundamental source for the designer's expertise and agency in contemporary society while also addressing its historic contribution to environmental instability.