Santiago Cirugeda

Seville, Spain

Santiago Cirugeda is an architect known for his subversive tactics and collective approach to building. Situated at intersection of activism and art, his work both questions and exploits the boundaries of legality and develops processes for social action to improve the city. In 2003, he founded Recetas Urbanas, a firm that develops provocative urban projects ranging from the systematic occupation of public spaces using containers, to the construction of artificial replacements for facades, backyards, roofs and empty lots. He is author of the book ‘Situaciones Urbanas’ (2008) published by Editorial Tenov and contributed to the book, ‘Arquitecturas Colectivas. Camiones, Contenedores y Colectivos’ (2011) published by Vibok, alongside authors like Saskia Sassen, on the possibilities of connecting politics, life and architecture.