Santiago Fajardo

Madrid, Spain

Santiago Fajardo (Madrid , November 5, 1945 - Madrid , April 2 , 2020) was an architect and specialist in urbanism. His work covered two areas; the restoration of historic buildings and the creation of scenic spaces and cultural centres. These include the Palacio Longoria and the Berlanga Sala (both in Madrid), the Teatro Campos Elíseos (Bilbao) and the Auditorio Cartuja Center (Sevilla).
He was the author of the book El Palacio Longoria y su Restauración (The Restoration of the Longoria Palace) and coauthor of El Teatro Campos Elíseos de Bilbao, crónica de su rehabilitación y ampliación (The Campos Theatre of Bilbao; memory of its restoration and extension). Santiago had his own blog and social media channels, and a You Tube channel with more than 60 videos of famous buildings in Madrid.