Towards a More Socially Responsible Consumption

Consumers seek products that share social and environmental values

Although it has been a trend in recent years, the pandemic has emphasized the importance of shared time, reflection, and a calmer lifestyle. The slow life, a measured and unhurried lifestyle, taking control of time, has been spreading stealthily in our society.  And along with this philosophy, slow consumption, a much more leisurely way of shopping, has also expanded. Consumers are now more selective, more conscious, and more responsible. They control the pace and timing. They have banished the idea of using and throwing away and now prefer more durable and ethical products with values.

But this trend is not something new for many companies. At LEGO, this responsible use is embedded in our corporate philosophy, as the bricks offer endless possibilities and are an infinite source of creativity. Our philosophy is based on building and unbuilding to rebuild again. In short, reusing products over and over again.

This is a demand of today’s consumers, but it is not the only one. That is why listening to their customers is one of the most significant assets companies should consider. Knowing their interests, needs, or concerns is increasingly important to connect with consumers. And by responding to these demands, it is possible to build and strengthen the vital relationship between brand and customer.


Consumers are increasingly demanding and full of cultural, environmental and social concerns. They are concerned about and involved in global movements and support brands committed to an increasingly open and inclusive society, free of discrimination. Gender equality, for instance, is a fundamental pillar for today’s consumers. And as a result of that active listening, we are committed to removing gender stereotypes from our products, making them inclusive and enjoyable for both boys and girls. For this reason, we test products with boys and girls, and we represent male and female characters in nontraditional roles, both in promotional materials and in all sets.

Value-adding products

In addition to being ethical, value-driven products, consumers also seek their own benefit. They are increasingly demanding and analyze the product’s contribution to their personal development. For instance, in the toy industry, promoting STEM skills is one of the goals of toy manufacturers like ourselves, as it is one of the most significant demands of consumers.

The aim is to promote creative learning so that young and old learn by playing. Our work in recent years has focused on motivating the builders of tomorrow to start loving construction and awakening in them that building spirit, from the Duplo to the Technic ranges. And without disregarding the adult audiences.

In such a changing society, innovation cannot remain unnoticed. Technology has long been a part of everyday life, and that is why we include it in many sets, joining the physical world and the digital experience. This experience begins with purchasing, as consumers have thousands of products just a click away. We must masterfully adapt to this new form of consumption by boosting online commerce without disregarding traditional retail, achieving the best possible balance.


Physical stores must be reinvented and offer experiences consumers cannot find in the digital world. A balanced coexistence between both formats must be found to provide consumers with what they are looking for and what they need. The immediacy of e-commerce allows us to reach a wider audience and offer a broader range of products. That is why it must be strengthened. Our group is aware of it, and e-commerce sales on our platforms and partners grew by 50% in the first half of the year compared to the same period last year.

It is also essential to strengthen direct sales in physical stores that offer unique experiences. This happens in our flagship stores like the one recently opened in Barcelona. Listening to consumers, we have opted for the “retailtainment” concept, a new type of consumer experience based on interactivity and digitalization as entertainment, which offers a combination of physical and digital experiences. This is an undeniable consumer trend. Digitalization is unstoppable, and we must know how to combine it correctly to achieve the most rewarding consumer experience for society.

Main Image: Tribute to the LGTBIQ+ community. Photo courtesy LEGO Group